Prosecuting  Causes

At  our law firm, we represent Plaintiffs, Defendants, Appellants and Appellees, in civil and criminal cases, state and federal, at the trial and appellate level, in both simple and complex matters, ready to fight whenever we can't convince the parties to settle.

Working Hard & Smart

Edward Bennet Williams, Esq., said that you had to have a steel butt to sit and prepare a case; we believe that kind of preparation is critical, and have some hi-tech tools that help us organize and analyze a case, whether it's seemingly simple or most certainly complex.

For over 40 years

John P. Flannery, II, is a former federal appellate law clerk, NY federal prosecutor, Congressional special counsel, listed in Who's Who in America, having handled complex civil and criminal matters, and represented clients for 40 years in courts across the nation.

Whether it's a simple contract or a simple assault or traffic charge, whether you're a business partner defending or prosecuting a dispute, or you need a criminal defense counsel, we'd be glad to dscuss whether we can be of help.  .

Contact us today, call 202-365-5060, or write, to set up an appointment to consider your case or legal matter.  If you can't reach Mr. Flannery, ask for his Executive Assistant, Patricia Hall or leave a message.

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John P. Flannery


A Senior Congresman often introduced me to groups and at congressional hearings and broadcasts as "Lawyer Flannery" and the term fits, although some prefer to be called "Attorney."